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BTUH Staff Publications

These are articles published by staff members working in or have worked for Departments at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals (BTUH).

The number beside the staff member's name is the number of articles they have published either as a lead or contributing author.


Click a link to go to the staff member's family name starting with that letter.


Staff MemberNumber of ArticlesDepartment
Abbey L1CTC Directorate
Abdulla A1Pathology Directorate
Abdullah S1Acute Medicine Directorate
Afolayan S1General Medicine Directorate
Aggarwal R5CTC Directorate
Aggarwal RK2CTC Directorate
Aitchison JD2CTC Directorate
Al Abed YA1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Al-Dujaily S2General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Al-Khateeb H1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Al-Nafussi A1Pathology Directorate
Aldeen T1General Medicine Directorate
Alhomsi H1Acute Medicine Directorate
Ali K1Paediatrics Directorate
Allen K1General Medicine Directorate
Allington Y1Renal Medicine
Alsanjari N2Pathology Directorate
Alzoubaidi D1General Medicine Directorate
Anderson HL1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Andrews S1Accident and Emergency Deparment
Ansari N1Pathology Directorate
Anwar H1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Ashwood N1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Awad Z1Head and Neck Directorate
Badurdeen S1Paediatrics Directorate
Bailley P S2Respiratory Medicine
Bain GI1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Banerjea A1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Banerjee N1Department of Respiratory Medicine
Barbagallo R1Department of Cardiology
Bartlett C1Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Basra M1General Medicine Directorate
Bates AT1Acute Medicine Directorate
Ben Doostdar B1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Bhatia RK1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Birdi I2CTC Directorate
Bourkiza, R1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Bray J1Nutrition and Dietetic
Bryan M1CTC Directorate
Burrows H1CTC Directorate
Cafferkey M2Renal Medicine
Carrannante J2General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Casey S1Pathology Directorate
Casswell E1General Medicine Directorate
Cervi P2Pathology Directorate
Chaggar PS2CTC Directorate
Chandrasekaran M1Paediatrics Directorate
Choo WK3General Medicine Directorate
Choo-Kang A1General Medicine Directorate
Chopra NR2General Medicine Directorate
Chukwu C1CTC Directorate
Clarke S E2Respiratory Medicine
Clements A3CTC Directorate
Clements RS1Acute Medicine Directorate
Clesham G1CTC Directorate
Clesham GJ3CTC Directorate
Cobiella C1Accident and Emergency Deparment
Constantine AH1CTC Directorate
Craig N1CTC Directorate
Creasey J1Respiratory Medicine
Cronin G1Accident and Emergency Deparment
Cumberland T1CTC Directorate
Davda S1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Davies J1CTC Directorate
Davies J R1CTC Directorate
Davies JP1CTC Directorate
Davies JR3CTC Directorate
Davis JR1CTC Directorate
Dawson J1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Dezso B1Pathology Directorate
Dhinoja M1CTC Directorate
Dowswell G1Paediatrics Directorate
Dua S1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Dvorkin L2General Surgery and Urology Directorate
El-Daly I1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Elliot E2Nursing Directorate
Ellis T1Education and Training Directorate
Eneje P1General Medicine Directorate
Ertemi H1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Fallouh B2General Medicine Directorate
Farwell D1CTC Directorate
Fastovets G1Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Fergey S1CTC Directorate
Fernandes D2General Medicine Directorate
Finny P1General Medicine Directorate
Forbes A1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Fung K1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Gadi N2General Medicine Directorate
Gamma R1CTC Directorate
Gamma RA1CTC Directorate
Gashau A1CTC Directorate
Gatt P1Department of Dermatology
Gendi N7General Medicine Directorate
George S1Acute Medicine Directorate
Gertner D1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Ghorab Z1Department of Oncology
Giblin L1Acute Medicine Directorate
Graham K1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Greaves M1CTC Directorate
Groom K1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Gupta ND1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Gupta S1CTC Directorate
Gutkowski K1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Hakim W1General Medicine Directorate
Hall-Craggs MA1Accident and Emergency Deparment
Hamarneh A1CTC Directorate
Hameed OA2Department of Dermatology
Hameed S1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Harkness A1CTC Directorate
Harris S3CTC Directorate
Hartleb M1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Hayward PA1CTC Directorate
Hearth MW1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Hegade V1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Hickey D1Macmillan Palliative Care Team
Hinchliffe RJ1CTC Directorate
Hindocha D1CTC Directorate
Hline A1CTC Directorate
Howard J1Department of Haematology
Hunt D1Head and Neck Directorate
Hunwick L1Education and Training Directorate
Hussein R1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Huth C1CTC Directorate
Huwez F3General Medicine Directorate
Iakovlev E1Department of Oncology
Iakovlev V1Department of Oncology
Ibraheim H1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Ibraheim M1Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Ibrahim E1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Ikomi A3CTC Directorate
Imam T2General Medicine Directorate
Isaac B T1Department of Respiratory Medicine
Isaac BT1Respiratory Medicine
Islam S1CTC Directorate
Issac B T1Department of Respiratory Medicine
Isse S1Renal Medicine
Iyasere O1Renal Medicine
Jackson C1Paediatrics Directorate
Jacques L1General Medicine Directorate
Jagathesan R2CTC Directorate
Jani B1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Jasani P1Department of Haematology
Jasani PD1Haematology
Jasper M2Department of Gastroenterology
Jeddy T1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Jeddy TA1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Jindal S2Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Jones D1Acute Medicine Directorate
Jones DA2General Medicine Directorate
Jones T1DMOP
Joshi B1Acute Medicine Directorate
Kabeer S1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Kabenla A1Acute Medicine Directorate
Kabir A2CTC Directorate
Kaliappan A1Anaesthetics Directorate
Kanagarajah L3Paediatrics Directorate
Kang S4Paediatrics Directorate
Karunaratna C1Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Karunaratne S1Paediatrics Directorate
Karuppaswamy S1Paediatrics Directorate
Keeble T R1CTC Directorate
Keeble TR1CTC Directorate
Kelly P2CTC Directorate
Kelly PA3CTC Directorate
Kelsall W1Paediatrics Directorate
Kertes P1Department of Oncology
Khaled MA1Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Khalifa K1Paediatrics Directorate
Khan A2Department of Gastroenterology
Khan F1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Khan R1General Medicine Directorate
Khan S3Anaesthetics Directorate
Khan SU1Paediatrics Directorate
Khokhar A3CTC Directorate
Khorshid M1Department of Dermatology
Khot A1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Kirk P1CTC Directorate
Koak Y1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Koeppe M1CTC Directorate
Kosmoliaptsis V1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Krema H1Department of Oncology
Kruglov D1Pain Management and Neuromodulation Centre
Kular N1CTC Directorate
Kunde D1Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Kuppuswamy V1CTC Directorate
Kuzhupilly RR1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Lafferty K3Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Lal A1Renal Medicine
Lanney S1Education and Training Directorate
Lashkari HP2Paediatrics Directorate
Lechelt M1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Lennox IA1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Lim CS2Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Linehan I1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Linehan IP1Other Patient Support Services Directorate
Lisk DR1Neurology Department
Livingston J1Accident and Emergency Deparment
Loja D1CTC Directorate
Lovett B2General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Lovett BE1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Lowe S1Nursing Directorate
Luther V1CTC Directorate
Machin JT1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Mackenzie R1Acute Medicine Directorate
Maclaren S1DMOP
Magee N1CTC Directorate
Magee S1CTC Directorate
Malaspina A2Neurology Department
Malik N1CTC Directorate
Mangera Z2Renal Medicine
Maniyar F3Neurology Department
Mannakkara N N1CTC Directorate
Manson J1CTC Directorate
Mark A1Paediatrics Directorate
Marks M1General Medicine Directorate
Maroju RS1Acute Medicine Directorate
Marshall SM1CTC Directorate
Matharu V1Paediatrics Directorate
Mathew R2Acute Medicine Directorate
McLellan T1Department of Respiratory Medicine
Menon J2General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Mensah OW1CTC Directorate
Miles J1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Mirnezami R1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Mogal R1Department of Respiratory Medicine
Mohamed S1Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Morris C3CTC Directorate
Mozid A1CTC Directorate
Mozid AM2CTC Directorate
Mukherjee D K1Department of Respiratory Medicine
Mukherjee D.1Department of Respiratory Medicine
Mukherjee DK1Respiratory Medicine
Mukherjee S5Paediatrics Directorate
Mukherjee SK1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Mulholland J3CTC Directorate
Mustafa W1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Myuran T1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Natarajan A8CTC Directorate
Notay M1DMOP
Noy ML1Acute Medicine Directorate
O'Reilly B1Head and Neck Directorate
Oliveira B1DMOP
Oliver M1CTC Directorate
Osman E1CTC Directorate
Pandeva I1Pathology Directorate
Pannu K1General Medicine Directorate
Panthagani A1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Parker M2CTC Directorate
Patel HH1CTC Directorate
Patel HN1CTC Directorate
Patel R1Anaesthetics Directorate
Peckham T1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Peckham TJ1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Phen P1CTC Directorate
Phillips S1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Picardo NE1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Pittman M1Department of Respiratory Medicine
Pittman M A2Respiratory Medicine
Pluta A1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Porter NA1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Pourgiezis N1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Prabhu M1Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Puvanendran K1Paediatrics Directorate
Quinn S1Macmillan Palliative Care Team
Rajakulendran K2Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Raje S1General Medicine Directorate
Ram M3Pathology Directorate
Ramanan R1Paediatrics Directorate
Ramoutar A1General Medicine Directorate
Ramroop N1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Razvi K1Pathology Directorate
Renfrew I1Acute Medicine Directorate
Rezk T1General Medicine Directorate
Ribeiro BF1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Robinson N1CTC Directorate
Robson A1Department of Dermatology
Rochford A1Acute Medicine Directorate
Rose G1Rheumatology Department
Rouhani M J1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Rowe C1General Medicine Directorate
Rupasinghe M1Anaesthetics Directorate
Russhard P2CTC Directorate
Sahai A1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Salter V1Head and Neck Directorate
Sambasivan K1CTC Directorate
Samieh-Tucker A1Anaesthetics Directorate
Samuel J2Department of Respiratory Medicine
Samuel J T1Department of Respiratory Medicine
Samuel JT1Respiratory Medicine
Saravanan M1Paediatrics Directorate
Sashikumar P3Paediatrics Directorate
Sayer J1CTC Directorate
Sayer JW2CTC Directorate
Scott G1Department of Gastroenterology
Seedat A2General Medicine Directorate
Seferiadis I1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Serino W1General Medicine Directorate
Shah N1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Sharief N1Paediatrics Directorate
Sharma SS1Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Shaughnessy L2CTC Directorate
Shaw A1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Shaw SM1CTC Directorate
Sherman R1General Medicine Directorate
Showkathali R7CTC Directorate
Shravanahalli S1Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Sillito F1Pathology Directorate
Singh E1Department of Gastroenterology
Singh P2Department of Gastroenterology
Singh Ranger G1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Skibinska M2General Medicine Directorate
Smith M1Paediatrics Directorate
Spratt JC1CTC Directorate
Srivastava G2CTC Directorate
St Gendi N1General Medicine Directorate
Staniforth A1CTC Directorate
Steel AG1Acute Medicine Directorate
Subhani J2General Medicine Directorate
Suchak R1Department of Dermatology
Sureshkumar D1CTC Directorate
Symes A1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Symons SB1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Taggu W2CTC Directorate
Tamimi A1Accident and Emergency Deparment
Tan S1CTC Directorate
Tang K3CTC Directorate
Tang KH1CTC Directorate
Targett J1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Taylor HW1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Thakur Y2Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Thomas K1Anaesthetics Directorate
Thomson S5CTC Directorate
Thomson SJ2Pain Management and Neuromodulation Centre
Thorpe G1Administration and Management
Tibrewal S1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Till R1CTC Directorate
Tomek M1General Medicine Directorate
Tsang D2Department of Oncology
Tsouana E1Paediatrics Directorate
Turner D1CTC Directorate
Turner O1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Umasankar U2General Medicine Directorate
Varma R1Obstetrics and Maternity Directorate
Venkatesh HK1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Vesey P1CTC Directorate
Vohra A1General Surgery and Urology Directorate
Wakeman R2Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Walker F1General Medicine Directorate
Wardle NS1Trauma and Orthopaedics Directorate
Watson N1CTC Directorate
Webber T1CTC Directorate
Weerasinghe A1CTC Directorate
White K1Haematology
Williams S2CTC Directorate
Wilson M1CTC Directorate
Winnett G3General Medicine Directorate
Wright G1Department of Gastroenterology
Yarham G2CTC Directorate
Yucel Y1Department of Oncology
Yung B4Department of Respiratory Medicine
Zaman AG1CTC Directorate


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