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The libraries have a large collection of books, covering all areas of healthcare, medicine and healthcare management.  We also carry stock to support in-house training courses, i.e. Leadership, external courses such as pre-registration nursing and medical training, and CPD courses for example mentorship. Most of our collection is in print but we also provide access to E-Book.

We use the National Library of Medicine classification system whereby each item is assigned an alphanumeric shelf number, which can be found on the spine of the book and in the library catalogue. The shelves are clearly labelled enabling you to find what you need with ease.

We select and purchase stock for the Library according to our Collection Development Policy.


Library members can borrow up to 8 items at any one time, (this number includes items borrowed from other libraries). Most books have a 4 week loan period.

Remember to have your membership card with you whenever you wish to borrow or renew items and your PIN if renewing online. Your PIN is emailed to you when you register with the Library but you can contact us if you have forgotten it.

Select ELMS to search the Library Catalogue. You can limit the search to your local Library.

Guide on how to use ELMS can be downloaded here.

Self-issue available at Basildon

We have a self-issue system meaning that library members can take books out, renew or bring items back not just when library staff are available but at any time, when it’s convenient for you. The machine at Basildon also has the facility for you to pay any outstanding library charges by card.

To use the machine, you MUST have your library card with you and also know your PIN. This is normally your YEAR of birth.

Renewing & Reserving

You can log on to ELMS with your Username (barcode on your Library card) and PIN and renew your books 24/7. (If using ELMS from personal PC, you may be required to add this website to Trusted sites on your PC to allow access).

Renewing is only possible if your books are not overdue, or if the item is not requested by another user. If an item has been requested by another user, it will have to be brought back to the library on or before the due date.

If you place a reservation via your library account in ELMS, you will be notified by email when it is ready to collect. All items will be held for collection for one week only.


Please return all items to the library counter and wait for them to be processed, enabling staff to check your records. Alternatively, return books yourself using the self-issue machine or return your books to the drop box located in the Reception area of the Education Centre. BTUH staff can return books out of hours by using their swipe card to get into the Education Centre.

Overdue or Lost items

You will be invoiced for the full replacement cost of a lost item.

Readers are sent pre-overdue and overdue notices. When items are not returned promptly after 3 weeks of being overdue, we will arrange for monies to replace the books on your account to be deducted from your salary.

Finding a book

Our ELMS Library Catalogue contains full details of all our books, including where to find them on the shelf, and whether or not they are currently on loan.

When searching this catalogue, select for example "BHL Basildon Healthcare Library" into the "Library" box to restrict your search to Basildon stock.

If you cannot find the book you are looking for, you can request it from the library as long as you are logged into the system.

Your Username is the number found under the barcode on your library card. Your PIN is the number supplied by the library. If you do not have your PIN, please request it from the Library.

E-Books or electronic books

Locally purchased Ebooks are available by Trust so collections differ for each Library. Select the correct Ebook link on this website specific to your Trust.

If you are a Community Health Services Staff based in North East London, then contact Aubrey Keep Library.

Suggesting books

If you would like to suggest a title for the library to purchase, please send your suggestion via the suggestion form in your ELMS library account or contact us.