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Journal Club Support Service

If you organize or are a member of a Journal Club, or are thinking about starting one, Basildon Healthcare Library has professional librarians who can support you and your team in this undertaking.

What is a Journal Club?

A Journal Club is a group of professionals from either one specialism or multidisciplinary who meet regularly to discuss and appraise a research study of relevance to their work.

A Journal Club meeting usually consists of one member of the group delivering a presentation to colleagues in which they will critically appraise a research paper. A group discussion will then examine the potential application of the findings into clinical or non-clinical practice. However other formats are often used, see our leaflet on setting up and maintaining Journal Clubs.

What are the benefits of a Journal Club?


A Journal Club can:

The skills that you develop by being involved in a Journal Club map to KSF dimensions IK2 levels 2, 3 and IK3 level 3.

Planning and Delivering your Journal Club

The Library can also provide a number of tools and services to support your Journal Club.


Developing your skills

Who is eligible for this service?

The Journal Club support service is available to all members of the following organisations:

(With thanks to the Integrated Library Service, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)