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Students on Placement

All students on placement within Trusts are welcome to join the Library for the duration of the placement. ARU/UoE students may join the Library for the whole duration of their course.

You can register using the online form or in the Library. To receive your library card please present your NHS ID badge at the library counter.

Your library card will be needed each time you borrow, renew or return items. We ask users to read and abide by the conditions of membership listed here.

Students can register for an NHS Athens password while on placement in the NHS. NHS electronic resources will be different to those provided by the university although they may be some content overlap.

The library staff will support the students with their research but will not provide an evidence searching service as this is part of the course to demonstrate their ability to research literature.

The Library usually takes part in the student induction programme organised by the Practice Education Facilitator. Students may be registered as library members during the Library induction.

Your Practice Education Facilitator will also organise computer access to Trust network PCs. If any problems please contact your facilitator.

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