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How can the Library and Knowledge Services Team help you with your research?

Whether you are undertaking an individual piece of research for personal study, a systematic review or clinical trial or you are part of a research team developing an intervention or procedure we have books, resources and services which can help you.

Leafet on The Literature Search Process:Guidance for NHS Researchers, click here.

ELMS Library Catalogue

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Details of books on all aspects of the research process can be found on our Library Catalogue ELMS. For more information about borrowing books from the Library and using our online library catalogue, click here.

If you need a book  which we don't have in stock you can take advantage of our request service and we will order it for you. All you need to do is log onto ELMS, and make a request.

You also have access to a wide range of online resources purchased by the NHS, including all the major healthcare databases, e-books and e-journals, all of which have links on this website. Again, if an article is not available in the library or online we can try and get it from another library for you.

Evidence Searching

Our evidence searching service can help you right from the beginning of your work, in identifying the literature that is already out there for your subject area, enabling you to find the "gap" in inknowledgewhich you want to address.

Click here for more information or to request an evidence search.

Information Skills Training

We also offer training in many of the skills you will need when researching. As well as finding literature you will also need to be able to appraise the evidence you find. Details of our courses which can help you with both these aspects of research can be found here.

If you wish to speak to a librarian about how we can support your specific project or about any aspect of the research process please contact the library here.

Grey Literature

When systematically searching for literature, as well as including all published material, you need to be aware of grey literature, material which may be very relevant to your subject but which hasn't necessarily been published through the normal channels. For a quick presentation about what is meant by the term "grey literature” click here.

A list of useful websites for grey literature can be found in the Helpful Websites section of our website.


Referencing your  finished proposal or project  correctly is essential. If you acknowledge the work of others you are taking steps to prevent plagiarising someone else's work.

Download our short guide to referencing or look at it in more detail at:

Bibliographic software

If you are doing any work involving research, you can end up using lots of academic literature. This can make handling and organsing all your references quite challenging - however, there are a number of bibliographic software packages (e.g. EndNote, RefWorks, Zotero) that can help.

Useful Web Resources

There are many useful web resources out there dealing with researching and the whole process, from writing your initial proposal to bidding for funding, to actually setting up a project. We have included some of the links on our Helpful Websites page. Click here to go to the relevant section. It's also worth having a look through the other sections on that page, especially those on Evidence Based Healthcare and Search Engines.

Your Professional Organization may also provide guidance about undertaking research.

You can access free e-learning modules developed by global experts to support researchers on every step of their research journey.