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Computers & IT

Basildon: There are 21 library PCs which are part of the BTUH network. If you wish to use the computers you need to apply for a personal login from BTUH Trust IT Department (Ext 1919) if you do not already have one. Please ask a member of the library staff for an IT application form or click on this link to download the form, which will need to be counter-signed by your line manager. All library PCs have Internet access and Microsoft Office as standard.

Harlow: Computers are available in the Library Computer Room 1 (24/7 access) and Computer Room 2 (during staffed hours). All computers have Microsoft Office, clinical applications and access to the Internet. Internet access is available from our computers for work and study purposes. All the computers on PAH network require a password to access the Internet.

Due to Department of Health requirements regarding information confidentiality, NO USB sticks, CDs and DVDs can be used with the library PCs. You can only save work on encrypted USB sticks issued by the IT department. Library members will need to save material to their Personal ("P") drive. Please ask a member of the IT staff for help.


web based email

Basildon: There are currently two WiFi networks available within the Library. BTUH-Mob is available to users with a BTUH IT Username and Password, and can be accessed on mobile devices; laptops must be configured by the IT Helpdesk in order to be able to connect. Purple WiFi is available for all staff and visitors requiring users to register on first use, via their browser.

Note: The IT Department support the BTUH-Mob service on a best endeavours basis, patient care and clinical equipment take priority with regards to service support.

Web-based emails

web based email

Basildon: There are 2 non-networked broadband PCs available for you to access web-based mail, e.g. Outlook, Yahoo, Google Mail. You CANNOT print from these machines. These are the only such machines in the Trust and consequently are heavily used. Please be considerate and keep time on these to a minimum.

Study Area

Basildon: The Library is equipped with desks and chairs which can be used for group study as well as quiet study areas. There is a designated phone line allowing you to reach your department if you are bleeped. We do ask that as a courtesy to other users noise is kept to a minimum.

Harlow: Desks for private study are available in the main Library and Computer Room 1.